Carry All Kinds of Sweet Gear with New Lezyne Soft Goods & Bags

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Lezyne is a brand that values going hard, even when it comes to the softer stuff. With the latest release of Lezyne soft goods, the company claims to give riders bike bags and caddies that are exceptionally hardwearing.

Newest Lezyne Soft Goods

Specifically, the newest additions to the Lezyne soft goods line includes:

  • Aero Energy Caddy ($35) – a 0.7-liter top-tube soft-side caddy described as “ideal for triathletes and gravel racers.” The Aero caddy features woven Nylon, three Velcro straps for universal fitting, zipper closure, and two quick-access side pockets.
Lezyne Aero Energy Caddy
Lezyne Aero Energy Caddy. (Photo/Lezyne)
  • Hard Bar Caddy ($52) – a 2.2-liter handlebar bike bag that’s “ideal for commuters, adventure cyclists and any rider looking for additional storage.” The Hard Bar Caddy features a water-resistant EVA foam outer, six reflective nylon webbing loops, two Velcro straps, and a wide zipper closure.
lezyne hard bar caddy
Lezyne Hard Bar Caddy. (Photo/Lezyne)
  • Stuff Caddy ($27) – a 1.3-liter cargo pocket that Lezyne claims riders can mount “wherever it’ll strap to” — fork, frame, handlebars, tubes. The Stuff Caddy features “super water-resistant” materials, reflective trim, adjustable straps, and an inbuilt drawcord for extra stash security.
    Lezyne Stuff Caddy.
    Lezyne Stuff Caddy. (Photo/Lezyne)

More Lezyne Products

Not quite what you’re looking for? No sweat, Lezyne’s put together a comprehensive guide to all of its bags. Riders can skim the full lineup of Lezyne frame, saddle, and personal carry bags, plus details like capacity, dimensions, and best uses.

Originally a maker of various bike components and hardware, Lezyne has brought a diversified collection of goods online since 2007. Its products are as simple as bike LEDs and advanced as a GPS computer. Bells, specialized pumps, tire kits, hydration accessories — you get the picture.

Check out the fresh batch of Lezyne soft goods and more on their website.

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