Brompton’s new B75 folds up small but leaves your wallet large

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Brompton’s new B75 folding bike is a great city companion for riders who want to take the guesswork out of daily commutes and save a few bucks while they’re at it.

In the past year, bicycles have seen a historic boom as people found themselves working from home, avoiding public transit and trying to find new ways to navigate the cities where they live. 

Brompton B75 bike But as workers get back to offices in urban centers, the challenges of bringing full-size bikes into the workplace, finding safe and adequate space to park them or dealing with unforeseen hiccups in daily schedules can make having a large bike to lug around a bit daunting.

Enter The Brompton B75

Brompton bills the B75 as a take-anywhere, simple machine that offers flexibility and convenience for urban riders. The bike weighs 25 pounds and folds down to a compact 22.2 x 23 x 10.6, making it small enough to toss in the trunk of a car or even take on a plane.

Brompton B75 partially foldedLondon-based Brompton has been making folding bikes for more than 40 years. The company offers several foldable bike models, including Superlight and E-bike options ranging in price from about $1,500 to just more than $4,000.

At MSRP $1,095, the B75 is Brompton’s most inexpensive model. Its frame is composed of tough steel, and it comes with a simple, three-speed drivetrain geared for the city.

Brompton B75 folding bike closed

It also can be fitted with racks, bags and mudguards to carry daily supplies and protect riders from getting dirty.

The Virtues Of Folding Bikes

Folding bikes offer a simple solution to many of urban commuting’s major problems. Full-size bikes are tough to fit into elevators and in office spaces. Leaving them outside all day in the weather or where thieves can easily grab them can be an anxiety-inducing exercise that no one wants to add to their day.

three speed folding bikeIt’s also safe to say that no one wants to get stranded or drenched by unexpected storms in their work clothes because they don’t have a way to get their bike home without venturing out into the rain.

The Brompton B75 takes all that guesswork out of daily commutes, offering comfortable, efficient rides that break down to a size that can easily slide under a desk or be carried onto an elevator without generating angry glances and eye rolls.

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