AASQ Callout: Ask Prologo about saddle selection for Road, TT, Tri, Gravel and MTB!

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For next week’s installation of Ask A Stupid Question, we have saddle experts Prologo on hand to explain away the finer points of saddle design to ensure you’re better informed when it comes to making your next saddle purchase.

Whether you’re a Lycra-clad roadie, an aero-fanatical time trial athlete, gravel grinder or enduro shredder, when it comes to bike setup, saddle fit is likely very high up (if not at the top of) your list of priorities… and for good reason. Get it wrong and, well… let’s just say you won’t be going anywhere near your bicycle for quite some time.

prologo akero scratch saddle
Prologo’s AGX saddle range is shaped specifically for gravel riding, but why are they all so different?

When considering a new saddle, something that always crops up in my mind is this: Is it really necessary to have a discipline-specific saddle? As an occasional road rider with zero aspirations toward racing, I care little for weight. So, why shouldn’t I run my favorite mountain bike saddle on my road bike? Am I actually going to be missing out?

prologo saddle back flexibility measurement
Prologo ask riders to consider back flexibility when selecting a new saddle – ask why here!

The same applies across other disciplines, of course. You’ll likely find a saddle to fit every given cycling niche there is. What are the differences, and how important are they relative to one another? What are the most important features to look out for when buying a saddle for gravel riding, for example, and how are they different to the most important features to look out for when buying a mountain bike saddle?

prologo dimension agx t4

Researching saddles is an absolute minefield. Especially when you consider the huge variation you see even within one discipline of cycling. Complete cut-outs versus partial cut-outs, short noses versus long noses versus twin noses, flat tops versus rear rise… and that’s before you even consider width!

Fire away your questions on bicycle saddles and we’ll put them to the experts at Prologo. Keep an eye out for the answers coming on January 22!


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