Foes Racing Offers an E-Ticket to Ride with electric MTB and Fat Bike options

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American made Foes Racing, founded by MTB Hall of Famer Brent Foes, has just added to their e-bike collection. New models include the full-suspension E-Ticket and Fat E-Ticket, and each is built with  CNC’d and hydroformed 6061 T1 aluminum. Plus, similar to Foes other bikes, the E-ticket and Fat E-Ticket come in frame only options along with multiple build specs.

E-Ticket Details

Foes e-ticket
photo c. Foes Racing
Foes e-ticket geo

The E-Ticket gets the Foes red flip chip to fine tune the suspension setup. In the High position, the head angle is lifted to 65.5° and the bottom bracket is raised to 13.625″. In the Low position, the head angle drops to 64.5° and the bottom bracket lowers to 13.25″. The linkage has Foes double-row full max main pivot bearings to keep the compression cycle smooth. On the note of suspension, it’s rocking 170mm of travel up front and 230mm in the rear.

The frame also offers internal cable routing and is stealth dropper compatible (dropper posts are standard or each build option).

Foes Fat-E-Ticket

Thanks to the 29″ front and 27.5″ rear wheels, the bike has a higher front axle giving it a lighter feel while maneuvering obstacles. The different wheel sizes also allow for a shorter chainstay compared to a 29″ rear wheel and offer better rear-wheel tracking while cornering.

Each build is powered by a Shimano Steps E8000 motor and a 500wh battery. Spec configurations include a $5,000 frame only option that includes the Shimano Steps system. A $7,000 option with a Box 2 drivetrain, Marzocchi Bomber fork and Manitou Mcleoud shock. An $8,000 kit including a Shimano XT drivetrain, Fox Float 36 fork and Fox X2 Air shock. Lastly, there’s a $9,500 option that includes a Shimano XTR drivetrain, Fox Float 38 fork and Fox DHX2 Coil shock. A full build breakdown for each kit can be found, here.

Fat E-Ticket

Foes Fat-e-ticket

Foes Fat E-Ticket

Tackling winter and beaches this year is the Fat-E-Ticket. Just like the E-Ticket, the Fat-E-Ticket features a red flip chip to adjust the geo. In the high position, the head angle hits 65.5° and the bottom bracket rises to 14.5″. The low position lowers the head angle to 64.5° and the BB drops to 14″. On the note of suspension, the Fat-E-Ticket stands on a 150mm fork and a 230mm rear shock.

Similar to the E-Ticket, the frame also offers internal cable routing and is stealth dropper compatible.

Each build option comes with a Shimano Steps E8000 motor and a BT-E8035 500wh integrated battery. Spec options include a $5,400 frame only option that includes the Shimano Steps system. A $7,400 Box 2 drivetrain with a Manitou Mastodon Pro 150 EXT fork and Manitou Mcleod shock. An $8,400 Shimano XT drivetrain with Manitou Mastodon 150 Pro EXT fork and Fox X2 air shock. And a $10,000 build with a Shimano XTR drivetrain, Manitou Mastodon 150 Pro EXT fork and Fox DHX2 coil shock. A complete list of components can be found, here.

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