Sidi Shot 2 aims at comfort & durability w/ new Tecno-3 Push Flex & C-Boost SRS sole

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Sidi is back with another updated shoe. This time, they’re making a second shot – the Shot 2. When the Shot was first introduced in 2017, it represented the pinnacle of Sidi road shoe tech. That much hasn’t changed, but the shoe does include two new pieces of tech to make them better than ever.

Sidi Shot 2 gif

One of Sidi’s signature moves has always been the ability to replace the parts most subject to wear. The new C-Boost SRS Sole expands on that idea by using much bigger replaceable inserts at the toe and heel of the shoe. The shape of the carbon sole is also said to improve power transmission, while new ovalized holes for the cleat mounting hardware offers +/-5mm of additional adjustment.

Sidi Shot 2 Tecno 3 flex

In order to make the shoe more comfortable, Sidi updated their Tecno-3 Push rotor system with the Tecno-3 Push Flex. The flex part of it comes in after Sidi split the entire rotor system mounting plate on the tongue of the shoe into two separate pieces. Now the two rotors can flex between the horizontal line between then, which should allow the tongue to better fit more riders’ feet.

Sidi Shot 2 adjustable heel cup

The Shot 2 still features their adjustable heel cup with integrated reflectors, and the heel design is said to be lighter and more durable.

Sidi Shot 2 grey Sidi Shot 2 black

Offered in black, white, and grey, the Shot 2 carries the same $549 price tag as the original Shot, and is available in size 38-48 including half sizes.

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