NS Dirt trio of jump & pump track bikes for all levels of riders: Metropolis, Movement & Zircus

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Dirt jump bikes are core to the heritage of NS Bikes, so for 2021 the brand is expanding their dirt series in three models – Metropolis, Movement & Zircus – all inspired by their FMB-winning NS Decade DJ frame. The 2021 NS Dirt range covers a wide spectrum from the top-tier 4130 steel Metropolis with a race ready build to the super affordable 6061 alloy Zircus with more budget spec – offering riders of all levels to get their adrenaline fix, whether throwing down tricks in the air or building skills in the pumptrack…

2021 NS Dirt series Metropolis, Movement & Zircus mountain bikes

2021 NS Metropolis, Movement & Zircus dirt series mountain bikes, angled

The NS Bikes Decade may be the dirtjump frame preferred by some of the most technical riders of Crankworx or the FMBF Tour, but now you can get that same proven geometry and nearly-indestructible construction in a number of complete jump & pump track bikes as well.

2021 NS Metropolis, Movement & Zircus dirt series mountain bikes, details

Simple construction details build bikes that can handle the abuse of riders at all levels, while not sacrificing on weight or performance. All the bikes get custom shaped & butted tubesets (whether in steel or aluminum), tapered headtubes for the 100mm travel forks, thick horizontal track end dropouts for 135x10mm bolt-on axles in 26″ wheels, plus 73mm threaded bottom brackets, and a rear disc brake with external routing under the toptube.

NS Dirt Bikes: Metropolis, Movement & Zircus – Pricing, options & availability

2021 NS Metropolis, Movement & Zircus dirt series mountain bikes, Metropolis 1
2021 NS Bikes Metropolis

For those that prefer the look & feel of a premium steel dirtjumper, the Metropolis bikes feature a custom lightweight & reinforced 4130 chromoly tubeset that will be turning tricks for a lifetime. Three NS Dirt builds are available with the same frame, balancing component value & performance, and meant to be a platform you can always upgrade over time.

The 1300€ Metropolis 1 gets a 34mm stanchion X-Fusion Slant fork, RaceFace Affect cranks & Shimano Deore hydraulic brakes to come in at 11.9kg (all weights with pedals & only the rear brake). The 1000€ Metropolis 2 drops back to a smaller stanchion X-Fusion RC32 fork, with WTP Salt chromoly cranks & Deore hydro brakes at 12.8kg. The most affordable 800€ Metropolis 3 gets a straight steerer RST Dirt T fork with 9mm bolt-on axle at 13.9kg.

2021 NS Metropolis, Movement & Zircus dirt series mountain bikes, Movement 1
2021 NS Bikes Movement

If you are looking for more performance, the oversized 6061 alloy frames of the Movements build up slightly lighter complete bikes at the same prices. Pro geometry is the same as in steel, with a bonus of added stiffness, too

Alloy NS Dirt bike builds are essentially identical. The 1300€ Movement 1 gets the 34mm X-Fusion Slant fork, RaceFace Affect cranks & Deore hydro brakes… here at 11.4kg. The 1000€ Movement 2 gets the X-Fusion RC32 fork, WTP Salt cranks & hydro brakes at 12.1kg. And the 800€ Movement 3 gets the straight steerer/9mm axle RST Dirt T fork at 13.1kg.

2021 NS Metropolis, Movement & Zircus dirt series mountain bikes, Zircus
2021 NS Bikes Zircus

Last up is the most affordable, entry-level Zircus at 770€, and just 12.3kg. Meant to be a gateway drug to get you hooked on dirt, the Zircus is more of a pumptrack bike than a dirt jumper. In fact, while the Metropolis & Movement get rated ‘Category 5’ for full-on jumping, the Zircus is only ‘Category 3’ for pump tracks, cruising around town, and “easy off-road trails” – probably mostly limited by its affordable component spec.

The Zircus frame itself is probably up to the challenge, and even works with an optional rear derailleur hanger so it can evolve with a budding mountain biker. Plus, it shares the same core details as the more expensive models, so you could always upgrade to a nicer tapered & thru-axle fork in the future when it’s time to start hitting the jump lines.

2021 NS Metropolis, Movement & Zircus dirt series mountain bikes, photo by Bartek Wolinski
c. NS Bikes, photo by Bartek Wolinski

All of the new 2021 NS Dirt series bikes will be available from today, through your local NS Bikes dealers. Some of the new models will be in shops from next week, while the full 2021 Dirt line-up will be available by the middle of December.


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