FAV Equipment tubeless valve stem strengthens options for tire inserts, AdapTool eases inflation

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Do you need to upgrade your tubeless valve stems? Well, yeah, especially if you’re running tire inserts on your mountain bike wheels (or even your gravel wheels now, too). Or if you break one during a crash, or some overly spirited inflation. Either way, the new FAV Equipment Tubeless Valve Stems are a serious upgrade to a part that really ruins your ride if it fails.

FAV tubeless valve stem & AdapTool adapters by Clever Standard

Designed by Clever Standard, the valve stems are individually machined from a single block of aluminum. This makes them stronger, and lets them have higher tolerances for smoother threading, that holds tighter.

fav equipment tubeless valves, X-Slit

But the real secret sauce is the patented X-slit at the bottom, which lets more air through. And, if you’re running inserts that would otherwise be mashed directly against the bottom hole, a path for air to leave from the sides.

(Note: Our early set of pre-production FAV valves at top used a different method to allow air in from the sides. )

fav equipment tubeless valves, valve pair with AdapTool

Their center has a recessed 4mm hex insert, so you can hold it still with an allen wrench while you tighten the nut against the rim’s outer surface. This pulls their custom-formulated and shaped rubber gasket firmly against the hub’s valve hole so you won’t lose air there. (Note: Only tighten the nut by hand, using the hex just to keep it from rotating, or you could over-tighten or damage the gasket.)

FAV valve length is 50mm, available in black only. Actual weight for the pair (on our scale) is 10g, with the clear-smoke plastic valve cap covers still installed.

FAV valves & AdapTool adapters – Pricing & availability

fav equipment presta to schrader valve adapters and tubeless valve core removal tool shown in 10 colors

Sold as a set for $25, the FAV tubeless valves also include one FAV AdapTool – a valve core removal tool that doubles as a Presta-to-Schrader adapter. The AdapTool is also sold separately for $4.50/pair in your choice of 10 colors.

Clever Standard says both FAV tubeless valves & adapter tools are available to order now, with shipping of the updated valves starting December 3rd.


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