GearUp Gear Saver is a simple & affordable way to avoid roof rack catastrophe

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You’ve certainly heard the horror stories. Someone forgot their bikes were mounted to their roof rack, and drove them straight into their garage. Or a bridge. Or a parking garage, drive through, etc. You name it, it’s probably happened. So what’s a person to do? Before you ditch that roof rack, GearUp has an affordable solution that hopefully will mean forgetting your roof rack is a thing of the past. GearUp Gear Saver clip and flip

Really, the concept couldn’t be much more simple. The GearUp Gear Saver is basically just a flip down reminder that you place on your car’s sun visor. Flip it down when your roof rack is loaded and the bright yellow and green warning sign sits in your peripheral vision, always there to keep you from forgetting about your precious rooftop cargo. When you’re done, simply flip it back into place until your next adventure.

The Gear Saver is probably similar to a lot of home brewed solutions that people have been using for years. But with a polished form and relatively low price, the Gear Saver looks like a great option for those looking for a convenient reminder. Currently for sale on Kickstarter, the Gear Saver starts at $13 and is currently limited to the United States.

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