2020 Chris King (virtual) Open House unveils Brooks x CK LE Saddles, teases new colors

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Love new Chris King colors? Custom bikes? Fun videos? Of course you do. Which is why you should probably check out the Chris King Open House 2020. Obviously, with 2020 being the year of COVID, it’s more of a virtual house than an open house, but the benefit is that you can check out all the amazing bikes in your own home.

The full edit dives into a bit of everything, from custom bikes to what looks like a collaboration between Brooks and Chris King with matching components.

Limited Edition Brooks x CK saddle

The Limited Edition Brooks C115 and C17 saddles feature told anodized rivets, which look to match up with a run of components from Chris King that are matte black gold anodizing. For now, CK isn’t offering up many details on their parts, but the Brooks saddles are listed for sale on their site for $130.

Check out the full edit for more, or hit the link below for all of the individual clips.


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