100% Gen 2 MTB Goggles get expansive field of view for Racecraft, Accuri and Strata

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100 Percent have revised their Racecraft, Accuri and Strata line-up of MTB goggles with a 17.5% increase in vertical field of view. The collection covers a $25-$75 price range, offering a quality set of goggles to suit most wallets. Let’s take a closer look at the updates for 2021, and the subtle differences between the models.

100 Percent Gen 2 MTB Goggles

The major update we see to the 100% Gen 2 line is the significant increase in vertical field of view. Other updates include the addition of improved nose fitment derived from the top of the range $100 Armega goggle.

100% racecraft 2 mtb goggle gets larger field of view for 2021
The Gen 2 100% Accuri MTB Goggle

All three 100% Gen 2 goggles use their proprietary photochromic lens that adapts to varying light conditions to give crystal clear vision at all times. It is treated with an anti-fog coating – $17.50 gets you a replacement. They are also all compatible with triple-post tear offs. 


100% Racecraft 2

The 100% Racecraft is one of their higher end MTB goggles, packed with features. Notable is the dual injected wider outrigger system that allows the rider to adjust the goggle position without getting the main frame and lens muddy. It also gets a removable nose guard that deflects roost & debris.

100% racecraft gen 2 mtb goggles outrigger tear off compatible ventilated frame silicone strap removable nose piece

A 45mm silicone strap holds the goggle firmly in place on the rider’s helmet. A plush thermoformed triple-layer face foam adds comfort and soaks up sweat to prevent fogging.

100% racecraft 2 gen2 100percent eyewear mtb

100% Accuri 2 MTB Goggle

100 percent accuri gen 2 mtb goggle tear off compatible ventilated

The mid-range Accuri is aesthetically and functionally more svelte than the Racecraft. It loses the outriggers and removable nose piece but retains the same ventilated frame design, with a 45mm silicone strap and tear-off compatibility.

new 100% racecraft mtb goggle

The Budget Option – 100% Strata 2 

The Strata 2 is 100 Percent’s most wallet-friendly option. Like the Racecraft 2 and Acurri 2, it gets the same field of view update – now 17.5% larger than the original Strata. But, it is the most basic design. It loses the outriggers and removable nose piece we see on the Racecraft, and the vents in the lower section of the frame that we see on the Accuri. 

100 percent strata 2 mtb goggle white

However, it is still tear-off compatible, running the same lens as the other more expensive MTB goggles from 100%. And, it gets the same wide silicone strap. The face foam drops to a double layer, as opposed to the triple layer we see on the others.

gen 2 100 percent strata mtb goggles wallet friendly budget option

Pricing & Availability

With a clear lens, the 100% Racecraft 2 will set you back $65. The Accuri 2 comes in at £45, while the entry-level Strata 2 is priced at a very appealing $25. For the mirrored lens, smack $10 on top. All second generation 100 Percent mountain biking goggles are available now, direct from 100%.

ride 100percent release generation 2 mountain biking goggles increased field of view vertically better vision


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