Tour-winning absoluteBLACK GRAPHENlube chain is perfectly pre-lubed for extra speed

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After Grand Tour-winning success at the Tour de France, AbsoluteBlack is bringing the absolute top level of drivetrain efficiency to the public with pre-lubed GRAPHENlube chains. Their unique graphene-infused wax chain lube claims to be the fastest on the market, but with optimal performance so dependent on perfect application, your results may vary… at least until now.

AbsoluteBlack GRAPHENlube chain, pre-lubed for max drag reduction

Debuted just four months ago, AbsoluteBlack’s new ultra-low friction liquid wax GRAPHENlube claims to be the “world’s fastest” and “longest-lasting” chain lube in existence. But that apparently only really applies if you apply it correctly.

all images c. absoluteBLACK

AbsoluteBlack tells us that during the development of GRAPHENlube, it became apparent how critical the initial application of any lubricant was on friction reduction & long-term durability. Being sure that you entirely remove any original factory grease or anti-rust protection, and then perfectly apply the new lube, ultimately determined how many watts you could save.

AbsoluteBlack GRAPHENlube chain, pre-lubed for maximum drivetrain drag reduction, 
c. UAE Team, photo by Lorenzo ‘Fizza’ Verdinelli

To make their lubricant perform optimally and consistently for the Pro Tour teams they supply with GRAPHENlube (for example UAE Team Emirates & Team Jumbo Visma, who AB apparently can’t officially tell us they partnered with), AbsoluteBlack developed their own chain preparation and application process – said to go far beyond even home ultrasonic techniques.

AbsoluteBlack GRAPHENlube chain, pre-lubed for maximum drivetrain drag reduction, fancy box

They won’t tell us (or you) exactly how they squeeze extra precious free watts out of their lube. We do get some hints that it is a “vacuum-ultrasonic” stripping process, after which the chain is oven-dried, then a “multi-stage vacuum process” to coat every surface of the chain with GRAPHENlube.

GRAPHENlube chain – Pricing & availability

AbsoluteBlack GRAPHENlube chain, pre-lubed for maximum drivetrain drag reduction, SRAM 12 or Shimano 11

But beyond those proprietary techniques and uniquely-specialized equipment, now for a limited time AbsoluteBlack will just sell you a pre-lubed chain – for that pro-level, low-drag performance.

AbsoluteBlack GRAPHENlube chain, pre-lubed for maximum drivetrain drag reduction, vacuum-sealed

Two different options of the pre-lubed GRAPHENlube chain are available – a 140€ SRAM Red Flattop 12-speed chain (standard retail 70€) or a Shimano Dura-Ace HG901 11-speed chain (regular retail 59€). The chains are vacuum packed to preserve ideal lubrication for long-term storage – just crack it open before your next race.

AbsoluteBlack GRAPHENlube chain, pre-lubed for maximum drivetrain drag reduction, bundle deal

Also, for a limited time, AbsoluteBlack will give you a 30% discount on either a small or large bottle of GRAPHENlube if you bundle it together with a pre-lubed chain.

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