100Copies tracks a killer downhill in MTB-inspired Wheee! limited edition print

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Most of Thomas Yang’s cycling-themed 100Copies art prints draw inspiration from road riding, but this latest one titled simply Wheee! is more of a look at hunting off-road descents. “An ode to the joys of flowing with gravity as the rider drifts downhill” print #44 evokes both the pleasure of winding down the mountain and the feel of freedom when you kick off a jump in the trail…

100Copies #44 – Wheee!

Getting to the top is never easy.
But if you don’t conquer the uphill,
you won’t ever know the joys of downhill.

100copies #44 Wheee! mountain bike art print, by artist Thomas Yang
c. Thomas Yang

Yang describes that moment of weightlessness as, “a mirror to life where rewards are reaped after hard work.”

Again adapting traditional methods, the mountain track itself was created with a wide brush and a single smooth stroke, referencing Chinese calligraphy’s analogous one-stroke technique.

100copies #44 Wheee! mountain bike art print, by artist Thomas Yang

As is the concept of his long running series, just 100 numbered copies of the Wheee! artwork will be produced (half of which are already sold as I write), using Offset lithograph printing on archival 200g recycled paper. Each print is 84cm x 54cm (~33″ x 21″), hand stamped & numbered, and sells for $90 plus shipping.


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